Cut Your Monthly Spending With These Links

We have a great article for you today on how to cut your spending each month! Sounds impossible, right? It doesn’t have to be with these simple and inexpensive tricks to make sure you’re spending less and saving more.

First, the CouponWallet blog has some informative articles on saving money each month (and even every week):

But, wouldn’t you like to save about $400 or more each month? Kristl over at The Budget Diet (a highly recommended blog by us) will teach you the ropes of being frugal every month and only spending $13 a day! If you want a sneak peek, just read below.

  • Learn how to reduce your biggest bills with simple and inexpensive ideas
  • Master the tactics of savvy shoppers who make extreme couponing look amateur
  • Save food longer and cut that grocery bill–we also have an article about that, too!
  • Reduce those health expenses without sacrificing quality

This article has tons of advice and highly encourage all of you to give it a look and see what you can start doing today to reduce spending and live a happy, frugal lifestyle! Happy saving!


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