Friday Favorites 8/3/2012: Back To School

Yet another Friday is here and that means another Friday Favorites. These are some of our favorite products we pinned to our Pinterest page. This Friday’s theme is Back To School to help inspire you and your kids.

3 In 1 Breakfast Station, ThinkGeek 39.99
Space gets pretty limited in a dorm room, which means finding products that are all-in-one deals. This breakfast “station” is perfect for just that situation!













Trompe l’Aundry Hamper, ModCloth 27.99
This is probably the cutest laundry hamper out there, provided by the always cute ModCloth. Add some fun to laundry with the kids with this washing machine look-a-like hamper.

Home Office Desk Retro Handset for iPhone 4/4S, SlickFans 17.99
Perfect for somebody with a flair for retro in this 21st Century, or maybe even as a unique gift for a kid going off to Business School (because every young executive needs a desk phone).

Remember to follow CouponWallet on Pinterest and we’ll see you guys next Friday!


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