2012 Fall Fashion Trends On A Budget

Having a trendy closet can be pretty brutal on the bank account, but, having the hottest (or perhaps coolest?) fall fashion trends for 2012 doesn’t have to be a bummer for your account. In fact, you can actually save some money this fall with some help from these tips. We have the entire list of ways to save on 2012 fall fashion trends!

Time to raid your closet
That’s right, sometimes the hottest trends can come straight from your closet. Fashion is all about recycling and adding some new touches, so that denim jacket or maxi dress you’ve kept can still be prepped for autumn trends. In fact, Refinery29 says: “With a long cardigan, a sturdy belt, and a stacked-heel boot, maxi-dresses can be just as versatile after the cool-down.” So, all of your cute summer clothes can be added to with cozy sweaters, warming tights, and rustic shoes for an added pop of color and summer inspiration.

Clothes swap with the girlfriends
Ever wanted to borrow your friend’s adorable crop top? How about those gorgeous open-toed pumps? A great way to recycle without a huge receipt is doing a clothes swap with your girlfriends. Because we all know sharing is caring!

Plato’s Closet
With the changing seasons comes a whole new batch of clothes at stores like Plato’s Closet, a reseller of gently used clothing. If you’d rather pay $5.00 for a cute pull-over sweater, instead of $50.00 or more, then Plato’s Closet is your go-to store. Also, you have the chance to sell some of your old clothes for a few bucks! Other places like Plato’s Closet includes Buffalo Exchange, Beacon’s Closet, and Crossroads Trading Company.

Vintage stores
Keep it classy during the fall by checking out the wares at local vintage stores. Sometimes the best kind of fashion statement is a timeless little black dress, pencil skirt, or lovely cardigan. Vintage stores aren’t just for old furniture and knick-knacks, they can be a treasure trove of name brand, vintage clothing from the likes of Yves Saint-Laurent, Chanel and countless others. Or, you can even find even older brands that aren’t around anymore for an especially unique statement piece.

Check out these online retailers
Sometimes the best deal comes from an online retailer rather than an actual store. We have some of the best places to check online listed here:

Stay stylish without going in the red this fall. Happy shopping!


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