Top 5 Frugal & Money-Saving Cooking Hacks

We’ve already shown you how to be a grocery shopping master, now it’s time to save money right in your kitchen with these simple frugal and money-saving tips.

1. Don’t eat meat twice a week (or more)
It’s time to go vegetarian at least twice a week to help with the food costs. Meat is one of the most expensive purchases we all make at the grocery store, and most of the time we’re buying too much meat and have to throw it out, and that just means throwing out your money. Sure, there are ways to freeze meat for later, but how many times have we all forgot about it? Save your cash and have your family got meatless at least twice a week–more if you’re up to the challenge!

2. Always cook in large batches
You’ve probably heard of it before–cooking larger portions will save you money in the kitchen. The idea is to have left-overs for a few days so you aren’t making a new dish everyday. Of course, this also means getting your family used to left-overs if they aren’t too keen to the idea, but, it will certainly be worth it! Here are some recipes to try for left-over nights:

3. Growing your own herb garden
Even if you don’t think you have a Green Thumb, this article from Organic Authority can teach you how to have a bustling herb garden–especially during the winter months! Herbs and spices are another purchase that can really add up at the grocery, maybe it’s time to go all organic with these five tips. Check out the article here.

4. 30-Day Meal Plans
This is the supercharged version of cooking in large batches to have a few days (or even a week) of left-overs. This one lets you cook a day or two and have enough food for an entire month–and it won’t go bad! The secret is creating “Cream of” dishes, whether it’s Cream of Chicken or Cream of Vegetable, this article over at Kitchen Stewardship can help you.

5. Make your own salad dressing
Another purchase which can really eat away at the grocery bill is salad dressing, especially if you have a family with lots of different tastes. Instead, try these very simple recipes on how make three of your own salad dressings from Simple Bites! Making your own salad dressing is a lot easier than it might sound, even if you don’t consider yourself the best of cooks.

Well, these five tips should hold you over until next time. If you need anymore tips or tricks for a frugal kitchen, follow us on Pinterest and Like us on Facebook. Happy cooking!


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