Wednesday Link Dump: Best DIY Articles For Saving Money

Instead of paying out lots of money to have the cutest decor or spending the money for new things, maybe it’s time to look for new ideas online. That’s why we have the Wednesday Link Dump–all links to help you save money or become inspired by other ideas. Because after all, sharing is caring.

Let’s get crafty with these fun and interesting DIY and crafting articles we found on Pinterest! Which ones happen to be your favorite?
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Fun, easy craft ideas:

Easy Floating Picture Frame Project, Craftgawker

A Chandelier Made Out of Spoons, Creative Works

Magnetic Make-Up Stand, Indulgy

DIY Phone Holder For Charging, Make It Love It

Money-saving craft ideas:

DIY Bug-Repellant Recipe, Mossy

DIY Cooking Spray Recipe, One Good Thing By Jillee

Laundry Room Hacks For Better Organization, Your Little Birdie

Very cute crafting projects:

Jewel & Bead Flower Headband, Go Make Me

Tin Can Lanterns, Grow Creative

Resin-Casting Jewelry Stands, Hobby Lobby

Dish Washing Soap Apron, Simplify


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