Friday Favorites 8/24/2012

Yet another Friday is here and we have some of our favorite things to show you once more! This Friday has no specific theme, but just a random assortment of products we love right now.

Blisscraft And Brazen

Couch Arm Wrap, Blisscraft And Brazen
Talk about a First World Problem finally being fixed! This gorgeous piece offers the best table space while relaxing on the couch. Although this particular piece is a bit pricey, it is still given a wonderful finish and handmade.

Car Cellphone Holder,
The perfect (and cute) companion when you need to look up directions on your phone, but don’t want to keep looking down and being completely distracted while driving. Or, put someone on speakerphone and keep your hands free for driving. Whatever your reasons, this cellphone buddy is a great idea!

Cutout Table Lamp, Target
How adorable is this lamp? Place some finishing touches on a room with this cutout lamp from Target, or even decorate a girl’s room with this piece.


Martha Stewart Crafts

Stencil Pattern Pillows, Martha Stewart Crafts
This is a bit of a different product, because this is one that happens to be a craft project for these accent pillows with Martha Stewart products. Hey, it’s still something you can get, right?


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