10 Brands With The Best Deals On Facebook

Sometimes the best deals found online are a lot closer than you think. In fact, some of them are on a website most people could spend an entire day on (we try to limit ourselves, of course). That’s right, you could be finding awesome deals on Facebook right now.

Facebook has become a pretty big deal and companies have taken notice. These are just a handful of some of the most engaged and promotion friendly brands found on Facebook. Enjoy!

1. Target
This super store has a pretty rockin’ social media campaign, and their app for the iPad isn’t half bad either. However, Target is a must Like on Facebook because of their daily deals, sales, and highlights of most of their products currently being sold.

2. Makeup.com
Though Makeup.com mostly deals in how to and advice in everything beauty, they are also a great opportunity to find out about deals and sales through their posts on Facebook. And, of course, to check out new products to try for yourself.

3. Victoria’s Secret
Speaking of beauty, Victoria’s Secret does Facebook-exclusive deals on their products quite often and all you have to do is give them a Like! This also includes their sister brands PINK and Bath & Body Works, too.

4. Local grocery stores
Whether you shop at Kroger, Publix, or Sage’s Market, be sure to find out if your regional grocery store has a Facebook page with all of their current sales and promotions. Usually, they will post upcoming deals first on their page, which is faster than regular snail mail.

5. Newegg
Need some new computer parts? How about an inexpensive laptop? Newegg is your go-to source for all of your techie needs, and they have a pretty awesome Facebook page full of contests, deals, and even some informational advice all about computers and tech gadgets.

6. Local businesses
Help support your local businesses by finding them on Facebook and checking out their social media deals. Especially with downtown local businesses, they often have deals and promotions which are online exclusive and can be a steal on boutique products that can’t be found anywhere else.

7. Starbucks
Who doesn’t love a Chai Tea Latte or Red Eye? Starbucks is consistently one of the best brands on Facebook and with their high engagement, but, we just like their Facebook page for all of the new product updates and deals, personally. And millions of people feel the same way.

8. Walmart
If you don’t have a Target near you or prefer to shop at Walmart, their Facebook page offers early notifications on upcoming promotions and product details, such as when they start their Holiday Layaway and highlighting current sales on all sorts of products.

9. ThinkGeek
Got some spending money on very cool nerdy stuff? We thought so! ThinkGeek is one of the best places to find your fandom craves, such as Star Trek coffee mugs or Doctor Who t-shirts. And their Facebook is full of great promotions and contests to win some great geek swag.

10. Lowes Home Improvement
Lowes is probably not a usual suspect when it comes to great social media engagement and deals, but, here they are! Lowes Facebook page offers great advice on DIY projects, their current promotions, and everything else you might need to know on home improvement.

Speaking of brands, you can find CouponWallet on Facebook, too! Get ready for our app and product launch later this fall by giving us a Like or follow us on Pinterest.


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