Tuesday Tip: Save Money While Cleaning

What if you could save money while cleaning the house or dishes? What about saving some dime on expensive products like Febreeze or cleaning solution? Well, this Tuesday Tip is just for you because we’re exploring all of the ways you can save while keeping your house neat and tidy.

DIY Febreeze to save over 97%
We found this awesome recipe on Pinterest by mommy blogger Brianna at Life.Family.Love to make your very own Febreeze air freshener. She details how to make it on her blog and says you can save over 97% with it! Between this and DIY candles, your house will smell wonderful.

Homemade dish washer soap
Here’s another DIY trick to save on all of that dishwasher soap (non-detergent). One Good Thing By Jillee talks all about making homemade dish washing soap so you can save and have safe dish washing soap to boot!

Dollar store shopping
That’s right, your local dollar store can save you lots of cash by providing the same products found at Target, Walmart or your local grocery store but for cheap. Before heading out for that big chain store for your fix of Lysol or all-purpose cleaning wipes, check out your dollar store first.

Vinegar is your best friend
A wonder ingredient that is great for cleaning and cooking happens to be vinegar. In fact, Reader’s Digest has over 150 household uses for vinegar and there’s even an entire website dedicated to the wonders of vinegar.

…So is hydrogen peroxide
If you already have been using vinegar, maybe you should give hydrogen peroxide a try as well. Not only is it a staple in your medicine cabinet, it should be a perfect addition to your cleaning supplies and elsewhere. Yahoo! contributor Kassidy Emmerson talks about the great reasons you need to use more hydrogen peroxide, too.

Whether you want to save more money or simply just like being a DIY master, hopefully these tips can help you. Also, don’t forget to Like CouponWallet on Facebook and follow us on Pinterest!


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