CouponWallet Will Be At Shopper Marketing Expo!

Here at the CouponWallet office we have been working diligently to launch our app and website to all of you, and we’re excited to demo our current work at the 2012 Shopper Marketing Expo in Chicago on October 16th, 17th, and 18th. Not only will we be attending and demoing, but we’re also a Featured Exhibitor!

So, what exactly is Shopper Marketing Expo?
It’s a huge event where big manufacturers and businesses like CouponWallet come together and talk all about the science and ideas behind marketing for shoppers. One of the major focuses on shopper marketing is, of course, coupons. With everyone going digital, CouponWallet wants to help coupons become more 21st Century and less about daily deals like GroupOn or LivingSocial.

What can you expect to see?
We’ll keep you updated with pictures and videos on our Facebook page, and even write some blog posts while we’re in Chicago to keep you updated.

Why should anyone care?
Well, we’re more than just an awesome Pinterest page and blog, we want to help make couponing easier, but building that takes a little bit of time. With the expo, we’ll be even closer to launching the product with (hopefully) big brands like Target, Walmart, Kroger, Meijer, and others.

How can I know when CouponWallet will launch?
We have a landing page up, and we’ll tell you on the blog as well. For everyone patiently waiting: thank you! We’re excited to give you the final product and help you save more.


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