Recap: Shopper Marketing Expo 2012

Where has Coupon Wallet been?! If you’re wondering why we were silent all of the sudden, then read on and find out about our great journey to Chicago for Shopper Marketing Expo and all of the awesome news we have for you!

If you didn’t see our previous post, we mentioned how Coupon Wallet was attending the Shopper Marketing Expo in Chicago for a week, and we were even Featured Exhibitors at the event! Shopper Marketing Expo (SME) is a two-day event for major manufacturers, retailers, and couponing businesses like ourselves to come together and figure out the future of shopper marketing as well as showcase new technology. Well, that week came and went and fortunately there was a great response to Coupon Wallet.

We introduced our Coupon Complete and Coupon Anywhere technology to potential business partners, all of them very interested in what we’re offering manufacturers. Here’s a picture of our booth before the expo started and before they laid down the expo carpet!

Big names like General Mills, Coca-Cola, Kraft, Clorox, SC Johnson, Inmar, PayPal, and even Google Wallet were all attending and stopped by our booth. Here’s hoping Coupon Wallet wooed them!

Here’s our CTO on our Coupon Wallet branded scooter! Everyone loved the prop, and we even rode it around the expo (videos coming soon to our Facebook).

Potential partnerships might be coming our way, as well. Fellow digital couponing businesses Qples and Coupon Factory were also at Shopper Marketing Expo. More updates to follow.

The Coupon Wallet team also did some sightseeing while in Chicago! We can’t be working all the time, right?

As a reminder, we’ll be launching completely in early 2013, but for now you can follow us on Facebook and Pinterest. Expect more daily savings and Pinspiration posts soon to follow as we settle back down to our regularly scheduled posting.


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