Best Ways To Save While Traveling During Holidays

Next to gift-giving and dinners, travel is probably the biggest thing people will spend their money on during the Holidays. With gas at an all time high and plane tickets not faring any better, how can you stay frugal while traveling to see family this Holiday season? Don’t worry, these tips and tricks can help you out.

Avoid parking fees by finding a driving buddy or taxi
Instead of driving yourself to the airport and having to deal with airport parking fees while you’re away, find yourself a carpool buddy or take a taxi. Ask a friend to drive, or, get in contact with airport taxi services. You might have to pay upfront for gas or taxi fare, but that is much better than having to pay for parking at the airport.

Travel lightly to avoid extra weight fees
If you’re traveling by plane, remember to try and pack as light as possible. Meaning, don’t over pack and have to pay the price through overweight fees. Sometimes you don’t need that extra set of clothes or hair dryer, especially if it’s going to be a short trip! Or, you can get extra crafty, and just wear your luggage.

Take the train or drive yourself
Considering airport annoyances and troubles, sometimes taking the train or even driving yourself can be much better. However, this is best advised if the trip you’re taking isn’t actually that far. Yes, an airplane is highly convenient, but a train is cheaper or you don’t have to worry about extra fees when you’re driving.

Try to travel on the day of the Holiday
Though the idea might make your relatives balk, it’s actually one of the cheapest ways to travel during the Holidays. Pick an early flight on Thanksgiving and be in time for the turkey dinner, or do a day-of flight to make it to the Christmas presents if need be. Remember, the day before and even the week before a Holiday is going to be busy, booked, and expensive.

Search for coupons and deals
Before you’re off buying tickets to visit the folks, remember to check out for any deals or coupons floating around online that can help bring down those travel costs. Another interesting promotion to look for when flying is free upgrades, so be on the look out for great deals!


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