6 Best Websites To Find Freebies

We all love a great deal and nothing beats the deal of being free! Because everyone loves a freebie (don’t lie), we’re ranking some of our favorite websites to find free product samples, coupons, and that even provide some tips on how to live frugally. Happy free shopping!

1. StartSampling
This website has become a go-to source for stay-at-home parents, busy moms, and everyone else in-between for their almost endless source of coupons and freebies. Want to try a new shampoo before buying? Search StartSampling. Need some coupons for the grocery? StartSampling has got you covered. Not only do they offer product samples and coupons but the website also offers an active forum and some helpful advice on the world of freebies.

2. Volition
This website has been around for ages and continues to provide some great samples, coupons, deals, and savings. Started in the late ’90s, Volition has grown into a much bigger site for than just freebies–in fact, you can find some great information on where to find more coupons and living a very frugal lifestyle. Don’t miss out!

3. BzzAgent
This particular website is a bit different than the rest of the websites on here because users who sign-up with BzzAgent become “brand reviewers.” You see, when you sign-up, you are sent samples to try and review so these companies can use that information to make their products better. You earn “bzz” and can earn more freebies that can range from laundry detergent to even a TV!

4. JustFreeStuff
Just looking for some free stuff? Well, JustFreeStuff can help you out. If you don’t feel like writing reviews or checking out the latest deals and want to go straight for the freebies, this is your one-stop shop to find product samples. If you’re dying to try out some of the newest products before buying the whole thing, JustFreeStuff is perfect for you.

5. MySavings
Another top site to find coupons, savings, and yes, even freebies. MySavings is another valuable source for busy parents looking to budget and keep their family living comfortably. It is best to compare MySavings with StartSampling or JustFreeStuff, sometimes they will have the same offers on product samples and normally different coupons for many household products.

6. FatWallet
Lastly, we have FatWallet. Though FatWallet is mostly where you can find thousands of different coupons, they do offer some product samples and freebies every now and then–but, the main reason we added them to the list is because they have a “cash back” program where you earn cash back by purchasing items at participating stores. And we all know getting back money is just as good as a freebie!


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