Pinspiration: Seasonal Candles

DIY Candles

One of the best things during the colder seasons is candles, especially seasonal candles with their wonderful scents. But instead of spending up to $30 on a candle, you can do some DIY and have the same great smell and quality like Yankee Candle or Bath & Body Works! Here are some DIY alternatives to check out!

Pumpkin Candles, Free People
Move over those Pumpkin Spice candles, these are literally candles inside a pumpkin!

Tin Candles, I Do It Yourself
Create pretty, twinkling lights with these wonderful tin candles. Especially pretty as outside decorations, too.

Salty Candles, Glanerie Moderne (In French!)
Make your DIY candles look like the snow outside with this tutorial! As a note, this blog post is in French and might need to be translated.

Glitter Candles, Say Yes To Hoboken
For a sparkled and blinged out holiday season, check out this great and easy to use tutorial on how to make glitter candles.

DIY Cozy Winter/Holiday Candles, Homedit
Want a sweater for your candle? How about some floating candles with real holly and cranberry? This list will surely give you some holiday inspiration for your home.

Christmas Candle Chandelier, Craft Gossip
This crafty and whimsical candle chandelier doesn’t have to be just for the holiday season–it’s perfect for the entire winter.

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